Industry gradually plays more important role in global

with society development, enterprise require higher efficiency method to product and manage. Industry always is the main battlefield of technical innovation, there is strong willing from enterprise to put latest and pioneer technologies into production process, in global, 77% of GDP come from industry, moreover, 74% of technical innovation are on demand of industry needs, it is common sense that the progress of industry deeply push and influence whole society’s development.
  • Industry 1.0
    Steam power
    Steam power replaced manpower and horsepower bring human being to Industry 1.0
  • Industry 2.0
    Electrification is typical symbol of Industry 2.0, along with automation control of the machine, production got significant change than before.Parts from many different factories and plants then finally assembled as a whole product, we moved into bulk production time, more and newer products come to our hands in a much higher speed than ever.
  • Industry 3.0
    electronic informatization technology time
    on behalf of Internet technology, information transfer in faster speed, design and production do not need stay in same place, these benefits let enterprise able to allocate sources in reasonable way, increase competitive with lower cost.
  • Industry 4.0
    Internet of things information system
    Industry 4.0 is a revolution that we are experiencing right now, each upgrade in small area could be a huge revolution of relative industry, this process will totally change our consciousness and thinking mode, Industry 4.0is the current trend ofautomation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of thingsand cloud computing.

Internet of things is upgrade creature of Internet technology

Internet of things, mean every object could be connected, the connection let individual comes group effect, like Kevin Kelly said in : Swarm is a simple gathering of individual bees, every bee could transfer information, swarm is organized, with new consciousness species. A drop of water cannot produce whirlpool, the water stirs. It blooms into a tiny whirlpool, growing as if it were alive.

From the foundation of Saturn, we alwaysfocus in coding and marking field, continued to deeply development on relative technologies and materials, during this developing process we accumulated a lots of experiences; we set up R&D center in Beijing, operating and maintenance center in Jinan, sales branch in Suzhou, we help Coca Cola, Shanghai JinFeng, YiLi Dairy, Snow Beverage etc. to set up their Track & Trace System, WMS. Our technology guarantee each product package with a information unit, each product’s stock-in, flow direction, distributor stock-in & stock-out would be traceable, furthermore, we provide full customized service according to their own condition and actual working environment. We always insist to purchase world class parts or equipment. Our reputation relay on good quality, fine supply chain, timely service, and sound technology background make us famous in industry.
Everytime big revolution in industry field, competitive rules will change, adapt and fit in rules are developing way, change or not, to be or not to be, together with us to grasp the chance of Industry 4.0, entering Internet of things age.

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